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4Life Healthcare Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are to provide a seamless person centred care in a client’s home, hospital or clinic setting ensuring that our services are caring, safe, effective and responsive to the needs of the client, safeguarding and supporting health and well-being to a high standard.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that service users are healthy, happy and achieve their full potential, enjoying their day to day activities and promoting their social and emotional wellbeing ensuring that the despite their age, changing needs or disability promoting independence. 4Life Healthcare has highly trained staff who are committed to using innovative evidence based care, and offers flexible hours and works in partnership with service users offering informed choice, inclusivity and optimum quality maximising client satisfaction.

Why Us

What makes 4Life Health Care services unique is that we do not only value a person’s health and wellbeing, but we also ensure that clients are able to continue to enjoy their lives despite any on-going or changing health needs.  We provide holistic care that is personalised to meet the personal, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the client. We ensure that clients are supported to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life and achieve their full potential despite age, disability or health needs. We respect the client’s values and beliefs, and our work upholds the ethical principles that provide respect, sensitivity and dignity to the service users.

We have a team of highly trained qualified nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers who are committed to providing the best possible care, delivering exceptional clinical standards. 4Life Healthcare provides an integrated care service that meets the needs of the community, within a client’s home or within a hospital or clinical setting.

As part of the health service industry, 4Life healthcare has also embraced the 6 C’s recommended by NHS England. Therefore our service is delivery and underpinned by the 6 C’s;

  • ensuring that our staff deliver exceptional Care,
  • with Compassion,
  • highly Competent,
  • excellent Communication,
  • with Courage
  • and Committed to excellence.