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I want to take this opportunity to thank all the team at 4Life Health Care for the absolutely amazing care shown to my wife during the last few weeks of her life at home.

On return from hospital my wife had cancer and very limited wheelchair only mobility then quite rapidly, no mobility. There were pain issues to address also.

The sensitivity of the care received was terrific. We were very anxious about the intrusion that four paired visits a day would make. In fact it was wonderful. The team adjusted constantly and professionally to rapidly changing patient and family needs, they smiled with us and were upset with us together. Their support for all of us was outstanding and their presence and professional understanding and advice to us throughout was of the highest calibre.

We all appreciated their bedside manners, attentions and their gentle, quiet, thoughtful and good-humoured conversation.
I was initially concerned that a good but understaffed and pressured district nurse team might at times be slow to react to rapidly changing patient needs. In fact the 4Life team were totally proactive in identifying patient needs, alerting me to make the right contacts and following up and undertaking these links themselves to get medical attention quickly when needed.

The Manager volunteered to be at the end of her mobile throughout. ‘Any time night or day she would say’. In the quiet times at night alone with my wife or in hectic times worrying that medical support might be late, knowing that that mobile link was there was very supportive and used by me.

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the manager and all the team for making such a difficult and stressful time so supported.



My Uncle became very ill and after a hospital stay, he had to have care at home.

Quite often the care at home agencies receive bad press, but after meeting agency managers and their staff, I would have no hesitation in recommending them highly. They offer professionalism, understanding, care and compassion and are not afraid to go above and beyond.

My uncle, affectionately known as Bob, relied on their good nature to see him through the day and while I was his primary carer, I could not have done without them, especially at the ending of his life, a manager was at the other end of the phone to offer me advice and a kind word of support.

Thank you 4life from the bottom of my heart, you were invaluable and any client and their extended family, would be lucky indeed to have you as their carers.



4life Healthcare were appointed by Maidstone hospital to give end of life care to my husband who had a terminal brain tumour and chronic multiple sclerosis.

They came to our home 4 times a day and were faultless with there care and compassion while looking after him.

They were punctual on arrival times, and all of the staff went above and beyond to make sure my husband was well cared for, and afforded the dignity he deserved ( a rare thing these days)

I cannot thank them enough for everything they did, especially as they were with me when my husband sadly passed away. Nothing was too much trouble, and in the few weeks they were coming out to us i would like to think they became “friends” more than just care givers.

I can wholeheartedly recommend them and thank them all once again for helping me and my husband get through a very difficult situation.



My wife Judy was diagnosed with terminal cancer 8 August 2017 and returned home on 10 August. After being assisted by the Intermediate Care Team for about a week the role of Care was undertaken by her carer and their team and we have been very pleased indeed with everything they have done.

My wife’s health has declined very swiftly in this time, but they have treated her with great sympathy and understanding, and her face brightens when she sees them arrive in the morning, about 0800 hours.

They have gained her confidence in washing, dressing and moving Judy to an upright chair, no easy task when lymphoma has frozen her right leg and her left leg has grown weaker. (Fortunately she has retained reasonable upper body strength). At the same time that they have been pleasantly sympathetic they have remained respectful, of her and her situation, and have had good relations with me, her resident carer.

As from 10/9 they will be coming three times a day, as we have requested, instead of two. I expect to be happy to write a further report once Judy has gone beyond their care, but at the moment I would recommend them very highly indeed.

Client did not wish to be named


We find that each carer is very motivated and feels part of the whole caring organisiation . Any occasional difficult events are tackled with care and consideration until a solution is achieved and the carer clearly encouraged to do this from the top.

Client did not wish to be named


The Carers come to assist me three time per day. They hoist me out of bed in the mornings at a time that suits me, which is early, as I am an early riser. They are always professional and very cheerful whatever they find they have to do. If I need to use the commode when they have gone they come back as soon as possible to see to me.

The good thing is that they are usually the same people, which is very reassuring and I feel very comfortable with them. Occasionally I have an accident and do a motion in my chair, and they never ever complain, quite the contrary and reassure me that it happens all the time and it is no problem.

Even on Christmas Day when we had a houseful of people they respected my dignity and dealt with my unobtrusively. I would not want any other Company. It took me a long time to come to terms with having to use Carers but now I could not manage without them. I could not recommend them highly enough. They must choose their staff very carefully because they are all excellent.

Client did not wish to be named


I was introduced to 4Life by Social Services, they came round to introduce themselves and started caring for my husband. After just a few days, I knew in my heart that I was going to be very happy, as seeing them with my husband – they cared for him the way I did, and to see that, was comforting for me.

Client did not wish to be named

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