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Supported Living

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As the government continues to offer more choices for your care, we want to help you stay in your own home and receive the care that is tailored to your needs.

We at 4life Healthcare Services will be there to listen to you and to facilitate as normal a stay in your home and community as is possible. You tell us the stuff you like to do on a daily basis and together we will come up with a service plan just for you.

  • Help with social services that are provided by the council
  • Help you to search for employment and ensure your support while in employment
  • Help you manage your finances
  • Help you pay your bills
  • If you wish to go out or out-out, we will accompany you or support you
  • Help or support with personal care needs including bathing, dressing up, toileting needs, brushing your teeth or just brushing your hair every day.
  • Help to coordinate your care with other agencies i.e your local doctors, community nurse and other practitioners
  • Help you order or collect your prescriptions in good time
  • Help you with your food shop
  • Help you with your food preparations and choices
  • Help and support you with household chores like cleaning, washing, calling out for repairs and even small matters like the looking for internet, phone or TV services.

The amount of service that you will receive will be based on your care plan which looks at all the things that you as an individual like to do. Our dedicated staff will help and encourage you to be as independent as you can be.

If this sounds like the service for you or your loved one contact us on 01795 485909 or 07532720891. We are here to help.

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